Sheridan Tjhung

In an age of fast fashion and mass production, Sheridan Tjhung celebrates local craftsmanship and creative innovation. With a core focus on refreshing design made from luxury materials, ‘functional opulence’ is the brands calling card.  

Established in 2018, and launching online just before the new year, ‘Sheridan Tjhung (Accoutrement)' is a new venture, deeply rooted in the recognisable brand already established by Sheridan’s early work.

The former florist often pays tribute to her early work by immortalising it in some of her designs, with the brand’s dark romantic aesthetic often focusing around flora and fauna. Seeing it as both an homage to, and a continuation of her floristry.Frequently pulling reference from her Chinese-Australian heritage, the brand offers a genuine connection to both East and Western influence and design. All items are hand made in Perth, Western Australia