• Ultra Matte Series #11 Artwork
  • Ultra Matte Series #11 Artwork

Ultra Matte Series #11 Artwork

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Henryk Lobaczewski channels his creativity back into painting contemporary abstract works, inspired by colour, thickness of paint and texture of stroke.
Characterised by bright and bold hues and an intuitive approach to his craft, much of his inspiration 
is found from tones & colours found in the pages of fashion magazines. The rest is left to the moment of creation itself, where nothing but the colours are pre-determined. His current selection of works are studies of balance, weight of texture and exploration of colour. Henryk is based in Sydney, Australia.
Dimensions: 62 x 75 (in cms) 
Available only within Australia. 
Custom pieces can be organised in different sizes. The size shown is 62 x 75cm. Please note there will be variation from the picture shown. ETA approximately 2 weeks.